Monday, September 16, 2019






Newcastle Permanent is a 100% customer-owned banking institution with the vision to be Australia’s leading retail banking business. As a customer-owned organisation, Newcastle Permanent puts its customer and the community before profits and has been a proud partner of Lower North Coast Branch for more than a decade. Newcastle Permanent supports surf life saving from the Central Coast to the Queensland border, helping our branch and clubs purchase essential safety equipment, perform volunteer patrols and provide training and leadership programs to nurture our surf life savers of tomorrow.


Newcastle Permanent’s Introducer Program is designed to make fundraising easier for surf clubs. Clubs can always do with extra cash for new facilities, equipment, events or educational needs and the Introducer Program helps them by rewarding them for supporting Newcastle Permanent.



  1. Click here for more information and to find out if your club is signed up.



With their help, we hope to sustain the future of surf life saving in our community and encourage our junior surf life savers to realise their full potential not just as athletes, but as confident, motivated and passionate individuals and future leaders within our community.